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NeoStrata - The Natural Make Up Base

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You can’t paint a masterpiece on an imperfect canvas.

Ever had one of those days where your make up just does not want to apply or stay? Your skin might feel rough, or your foundation absorbs to quickly or simply melts off. Even the heavy concealers or primers don’t work.

What if your skin was its own perfect primer? That’s just where NeoStrata can help. Applying makeup to skin that is healthy, naturally exfoliated, smooth and hydrated will ensure your look lasts all day/night.

But how?

NeoStrata products were developed to be multi-functional and can:

  • exfoliate
  • stimulate cell renewal and 
  • strengthen the skin’s barrier

Developed by the dermatologists who invented alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and created the original anti-aging multi-function products, NeoStrata products contain actives including: 

  • alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)
  • poly hydroxy acids (PHAs)
  • and most recently, NeoGlucosamine, a non acid amino acid that works in a similar way to AHAs and PHAs. 

All these ingredients are clinically proven through independent research to assist in returning the skin back to its most natural, normal and youthful form. With NeoStrata you can reveal smoother, clearer more radiant skin

The Results

NeoStrata skincare is proven in clinical trials with dermatologists to deliver results in smoothness, improved texture and more radiant skin. 

- 97% saw improvement in overall appearance & texture in 4 weeks.

- 93% of users reported skin texture is smoother.

- 81% of users noticed healthier looking skin.

Get Started

First time user? See the NeoStrata Restore Range.

Used AHAs before?  See the NeoStrata Resurface Range. 

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