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​How to Keep Skin Radiant As We Age

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It's to be expected that our skin’s natural glow fades as we age. But how does it happen? 

As with wrinkles and sagging, the loss of glow occurs when our skin begins to change. Skin’s natural moisture begins to deplete, leaving our face feeling dry and looking dull.

There’s nothing wrong with change: our skin is entering a new phase, looking and acting in a very different way. But the increased sallowness and dryness can be slowed down through careful application and a change in routines that matches the different circumstances.

By using a multi-ingredient regime, lacklustre, dull and uneven skin does not need to be the future.

Tackling renewal

As with wrinkles, a slowing down of skin cell renewal is key to why our skin begins to look rougher as we age. Dead skin sheds slower as the skin turnover rate that was normal in our youth takes longer than the usual 28 days. As well as ageing, factors such as stress, drinking, smoking and pollution all affect this process.

Using a multi-functional product that can exfoliate and cleanse or moisturise every day. This lifts the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and reveals youthful, new skin layers for a glowing smooth look. Try the NeoStrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash day and night with the Skin Active Cellular Restoration Cream at night time to rejuvenate your skin.

Protect your skin

Add another layer of protection by using moisturiser with protection and cell renewal properties, such as the Skin Active Matrix Support SPF 15 Day Cream. Not only does it protect the skin from the elements, but it is specially formulated with non-acid amino sugar, NeoGlucosamine, which helps reduce the appearance of skin discolouration and pigmentation associated with aging.

It also contains Retinol that evens skin tone, peptides that stimulate renewal and antioxidants that protect against future skin damage.

Night Time Repair

By using multi action products that exfoliate, hydrate, protect, smooth and firm, we can achieve skin radiance and the anti-aging benefits that come along with it. But it's at night time when these products work best. This is when our bodies are resting: meaning they have time to fully recover and repair that dull skin.

If you need a night cream that can rejuvenate your skin, the NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration - Night Cream, with its ability to reduce oxidative damage, works wonders. it contains glycolic acid, meaning that the acid works to stimulate renewal. At the same time, the peptide ads acting as messengers that this renewal happen deep in your tissue layers.

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