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​How to get rid of crow’s feet and puffiness around your eyes.

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As we age it’s hard to avoid the frustrating crow’s feet that started as fine laughter lines, but no longer go away when we stop laughing. Not to mention the puffiness and dullness that also appear.

The good news is that by adding a great eye regimen to your daily routine, you can say goodbye to crow’s feet and puffiness – and stop your eyes aging you.

While most people carefully consider their overall skincare routine, many are not as specific when it comes to looking after the skin around their eyes, often thinking that their daily moisturiser can be used on the delicate area around the eyes.

But taking care of your eyes is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine if you want to slow down the visible signs of aging – here’s why.

What’s different about the skin under your eyes?

The skin around the eyes is very different from the skin elsewhere on your face. This skin is very thin and delicate and the least elastic - so it doesn’t bounce back like other parts of your face such as your cheeks.

The skin around the eyes also loses moisture much faster than the rest of your face so it’s often the driest area of your face. For these reasons, the eyes are more likely to be the first to show signs of aging and also the first to show signs of exhaustion and sun damage. Just keeping hydrated, can make a big difference!

What are the first signs of aging around the eyes?

Aging is a natural process where the skin’s renewal process and collagen production slows down, weakening the support structure and natural protection barrier on our skin. While it’s inevitable that our skin will age over time, we generally only think about implementing an anti-aging skincare regime once the signs appear – often, this is too late.

When we begin to age in our 20s, the structure of our skin changes. This is largely due to the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid in our eyes declining, both of which are responsible for plump and firm looking skin. As these levels decline, we start to see changes in our skin. fine lines, wrinkles and sometimes even sagging begin to appear. During our 30s, fine lines, wrinkles and sometimes sagging begin to appear – often accompanied by dull, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. During our 40s and 50s, we generally start to see signs of deeper crow’s feet, puffiness, dark circles, and in some cases, sagginess too.

While we can’t stop the aging process, it’s important to be proactive and manage these signs as they start to occur, or even before to protect against aging.

How to choose the best eye cream.

When choosing the best eye cream for you, it’s important to consider the ingredients as well as your skin type. Look for one that has multiple ingredients that can also protect against multiple signs of aging.

Below is a list of powerful anti-aging ingredients that you should search for when selecting a good eye cream and how each of these ingredients will help achieve a fresh, more youthful look around your eyes:

  • NeoGlucosamine: a non-acid amino sugar that lifts and plumps the skin around the eye area, as well as brightening and even skin tone around the eyes.
  • Hylauranic Acid: is a substance that your body produces naturally and can be used to treat signs of aging or lubricate the eye area. It effectively plumps and smooths out the appearance of deep wrinkles as well as hydrates the skin. The protective barrier on the skin locks in moisture, which gives your skin a youthful appearance.
  • Peptides: Peptides are naturally formed when collagen breaks down, sending a message to your skin that it needs to generate more collagen. Peptides can also cause facial muscles to relax, decreasing wrinkles and making them an ideal anti-ageing ingredient.
  • Caffeine:Caffeine constricts the blood vessels under the skin, which reduces redness, bags, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Antioxidants:Antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin E can reduce oxidative damage done to your skin during the day, leading to a clearer, more even complexion.

How you can take the best care of your eyes.

  • Be aware: Be gentle with your under-eye skin. When applying creams or facial wash, pat, don’t rub. You can even use your pinky finger for application instead. Downplay the effect of dark circles by giving the area a gentle massage to stimulate blood flow. When doing so, do not drag, pull, scratch or stretch the skin, as this could do further damage.
  • Protect the area: Choose an eye cream you can use day and night so that the gentle eye-specific formula can protect through the day and renew at night.

How NeoStrata can help you achieve your best-looking eyes.

Our best selling NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy is the perfect addition to any anti-aging skincare regime as it penetrates the thin layers of skin with peptides and NeoGlucosamine to target collagen, meaning the eye area appears plumper and more lifted. Natural ingredients such as caffeine brings down any puffiness, and Vitamin E provides the antioxidant benefits needed to mend any damage.

We recommend applying this cream gently to the eye area once daily for 2 weeks then moving to twice daily. For best results, use in the morning and at night. By applying eye-specific products, morning and night, you’ll be giving this delicate area the ingredients it needs to prevent the signs of ageing. This eye therapy can also be used with other NeoStrata products such as the Skin Active Exfoliating Wash and Matrix Support SPF 15.

You can find out more about the Skin Active Range here.

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