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About Hydroxy Acids

What do AHAs, PHAs and Bionic PHAs do?

NeoStrata skin care products formulated with Alpha-hydroxyacids (AHAs), Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHAs) and Bionic PHAs, which have been clinically proven to improve the visible signs of aging, including:

• Premature aging /sun damaged skin
• Dry, dull and dehydrated skin
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Pigmentation (dark spots)
• Acne scarring/oily and acne prone skin

Clinical studies have shown that when used as directed, NeoStrata products will leave your skin smoothly textured, healthier looking and more radiant, and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. NeoStrata products are available in a wide range of formulations suitable for all skin types and ages. They are not tested on animals and are dermatologist tested and recommended. Ask your dermatologist to recommend the most appropriate NeoStrata product regimen for your skin.

How do AHAs, PHAs and Bionic PHAs work?

As we age, our skin's own natural shedding process slows down, which results in a dull-looking and uneven complexion. AHAs, PHAs, as well as Bionic PHAs work by speeding up our natural shedding process. This encourages the skin to shed its dead cell surface (exfoliation), resulting in healthier, smoother, clearer, more radiant skin.

How do AHAs, PHAs and Bionic PHAs affect the skin?

AHAs, PHAs, and Bionic PHAs have remarkable effects on the skin. The hydroxy acids dissolve the bonds of thickened, dead skin cells on the surface of dry skin, causing an even exfoliation of the upper surface layers of the skin, revealing fresher, newer, hydrated and more healthy cells. The result - skin that starts to feel very smooth and soft, and looks vital, healthy, bright and glowing.

Exfoliation at the top of skin leads to increased cell renewal (cell turnover). Cosmetic benefits are a more even skin tone and complexion and healthier skin layers.

All-over skin effects are evident in the plumping (volumising) and firming process that occurs. The skin's matrix support is strengthened, leading to a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Increased natural moisturisation and plumping occurs by building the essential gel matrix, leaving the skin looking smooth, more supple, firm and radiant. Skin looks younger, fuller and more smoothly textured with more bounce and energy.

Will I visually see the signs of this natural shedding process, such as flaking and peeling skin?

During the first few weeks of use, you might experience some slight tingling, dryness and flakiness. As your new, healthier skin cells come to the surface, the flakiness will be replaced with radiant new skin. The texture will feel softer and smoother and with regular use fine lines will begin to disappear. Overall skin improvement should be noticeable in 2 to 3 weeks.

NeoStrata products that contain AHAs, PHAs and Bionic PHAs:
• Improve skin texture and tone Reduce the appearance offine lines and wrinkles
• Moisturize dry and severely dry skin
• Help manage oily and acne skin problems
• Unblock and cleanse skin pores
• Help reduce age spots
• Help reduce hyperpigmentation

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