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7 Great Ways To Minimise Pores

Posted by NeoStrata Australia on

While you cannot really reduce the physical size of your pores you can put in place measures to minimise their appearance for clearer, smoothing looking skin. Following these top tips will clear about pores, exfoliate the skin and reduce congestion for beautiful skin results.

1.  Cleanse twice daily.

Fresh faced women with reduced pores

The key is to keep your skin and pores clean and clear with twice daily cleansing. In addition, cleanse your face before your gym workout or exercise to ensure your pores stay clear during your work out.

2. Exfoliate daily to lift off the dead skin cells. 

Change your cleanser to include an exfoliating action. Cleansers with poly or alpha hydroxy acids (PHA's/AHA for normal & oily skin types) naturally exfoliate the dead skin cells by stimulating normal skin cell renewal and ungluing the dead cells from the skin's surface. Use PHA's for sensitive or younger skin & AHAs for normal & oily skin types). Try NeoStrata Facial Cleanser that gently cleanses and exfoliates skin daily.

3.  Choose a light lotion for daily use that hydrates and exfoliates.

Look for active ingredients such as glycolic acid, AHAs/PHA's, Bionic PHA's or mandelic acids that normalise the skin as well as hydrating and smoothing the skin. These types of products smooth and soften the skin creating its own natural primer, making them the ultimate multi-tasking products too. The NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion is a great choice for unclogging pores and leaving a smooth glowing complexion.

4.  Keep your skin well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

To maintain plump, smooth skin that reduces the appearance of pores.

5.  Choose skincare products that are intensively hydrating and lock in moisture

This plumps and smooths out skin to minimise the appearance of pore size.

6.  Remove make up at night.

Use a exfoliating and hydrating cleanser, or even keep a pack of makeup wipes next to your bed for those party nights or end of a busy day when cleansing all seems to hard.

7.  Use a repairing night cream with a Pro-retinol and PHAs.

This combination repairs the skin, stimulates skin cell renewal (helping to clear out clogs pores) and exfoliates the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface clearing the surface of the skin. The NeoStrata Renewal Cream is perfect for minimising the appearance of pores, as well as smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of blemish related scars. 

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